Bilin Valentine (ビリン・ヴァレンタイン, Birin Varentain) is a Player and a Royal Knight for King Kevin Valentine. She pilots Sue, also refered to as the Crimson Belle.


Bilin is a young adult woman with long dark gray hair and eyes.


Ten years ago, Bilin and Kevin where heading towards the Fest to participate in the biggest fight against the Earless in hopes to defeat them forever. However they witness Jimi Stonefree going rogue, causing them to fail their mission and eventually lose their country to the war.

She sees similar light as Jimi's in a forest and follows it there, where she finds the Noise Sisters and defeats them. She saves Mu and Echo Rec and brings them back to Tremolo Technologies, where she tries to figure out who Mu is. As Mu holds the power to save or destroy the world, Bilin initially don't want to leave her alone, but after a spar with her, she decides to let her go and tells her that she needs to visit the other Players as they hold secrets about Jimi.


Kevin Valentine[]