Denka (殿下, Denka) is a Player and ruler of Purple Kingdom Paisley Park


Denka is a middle aged man with short dark purple hair and short beard. He usually always wears lipstick and has a mole under his left eye.


10 years ago, he comes up with Project Freedom, a Fest that will lead to destruction of the Earless. As they need to gather the Earless, they need help from the people of Gnome, who wish to coexist with the Earless and trick them into giving them information. He meets Jimi Stonefree and falls in love and realizes his mistake, but its too late to stop it.

Now he is the ruler of Paisley Park and lives in the Galaxy Palace. Upon hearing about Mu and Echo Rec, with Mu having same pendant as Jimi, he meets them under an alias Kid and eventually tells them everything he knows about Jimi and where they can find Gnome.



Denka’s appearance and residence is likely a reference to the late Prince. This can be seen in the name of the Purple Kingdom (see Paisley Park), the purple motorcycle that is seen in several shots referencing Prince‘s film 1984 film Purple Rain , and the view at the very end of episode 5 which features the Downtown Minneapolis skyline, home to the venue First Avenue (a venue frequented and popularized by Prince).