You Made Me Realise (ユー・メイド・ミー・リアライズ, Yū Meido Mī Riaraizu) is the third episode of LISTENERS. The ending theme is "Borders" by Jin sung by µ (Rie Takahashi).


Rescue comes unexpectedly in the form of more faces Echo recognizes from the Players almanac. Mu learns more about the war that happened ten years ago, and about the Core Part in her possession.


Kevin Valentine and Bilin Valentine head towards Liverchester, but a green light appears defeating the Earless. Then years later, Bilin sees the same light and heads towards the forest. As she arrives, she quickly attack and defeats two of the sisters, recognizing them. The oldest sister starts attacking her, teleporting and landing hits, but after analyzing her, she reads her pattern and defeats her as well.

Echo and Mu later wake up on Bilin's ship. Bilin introduces herself as the deputy director of Tremolo Technologies and explains that they rely on the Noise the Earless make and collect abandoned Equipment from all around the world. Mu wonders why she saved them and Bilin explains that ten years ago, there was a big Fest in certain country, an unprecedented large-scale operation to wipe out the Earless that gathered many Players. But the operation failed as huge amount of Earless appeared and many Equipment were reduced to scrap. The Fest failed due to the most powerful Player going rogue, Jimi Stonefree, and he had same Core Part as Mu, so she took her into custody. She asks Mu who is she, but Mu explains she has amnesia. Bilin explains that her power could destroy the world and proposes she to stay with them for a while as she doesn't have where to go and she can't just let her roam free.

Meanwhile, Echo looks into the Equipment and sees a rectifier tube had burnt out. As he wonders what to do, Kevin Valentine appears and Echo is shocked to see him, but Kevin calms him down, telling him he needs to think of the equipment. Learning that he is from Liverchester, he is impressed that Echo managed to make the Equipment from the scrap there. While working on fixing the Equipment, Echo comments that Kevin used to be a Player and Sue used to be piloted by both Kevin and Bilin, but now wonders why Kevin stepped down. Kevin explains that Bilin is a knight and is willing to lay her life for her country, but that scares him more than losing his country. He then asks Echo what is the name of his Equipment, but Echo haven't named it yet.

On the roof, Bilin approaches Mu and comments that Mu is scared of loosing Echo. She explains that a Player need conviction which becomes the path and the light to guide the Earless. As Bilin leaves, Echo arrives and tells Mu that the Equipment name is AC30. Mu attempts to tell him that its dangerous being with her, but Echo doesn't care and wants to see the world with her. Bilin then comes out with her mecha Sue and wants to test Mu and Echo. Initially, Mu and Echo can't even get closer to Biling and Kevin. Echo proposes they use Top Boost, an attack Mu used before. She agrees and using Top Boost, they create green sphere around them. Bilin is sure its the same as Jimi, but much hotter. They use similar attack, but create much bigger sphere and defeat Mu and Echo.

AFter the fight, Mu asks Bilin if she will let the disembark and Bilin agrees, but on one condition. She explains that after the Fest, many Players withdrew to their own domains and each has a secret to Jimi and Mu must meet them and uncover the truth about the power.