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The story of LISTENERS is set in a world where humanity's way of life is threatened by mysterious lifeforms known as the "Earless". The only hope against the Earless are heroes known as "Players", who can interface with special combat mecha known as "Equipment".

After witnessing an epic battle (known as a "Fes") between the Earless and the Players 10 years ago in which a Player named Jimi became a legend, a young boy named Echo has been longing to meet a Player again. Echo lives in a scrap town known as "Liverchester", and one day when he's working on excavating the garbage mountain outside of town, he encounters a girl named μ ("Mu") who is suffering from amnesia. Mu is also a Player, and she has an input jack in her waist.

Together, Echo and Mu set out on a journey to discover Mu's origins and to unravel the mysteries of her predecessor, Jimi.
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