µ / "Mu" (ミュウ, Myū) is a mysterious girl who's lost her memory. She is a Player and pilots the AC30 with her partner Echo Rec. Her real name is Listeners.


Mu has long, silver hair that reaches past her shoulders and is styled into straight bangs with two strands looping out behind her ears. Her face is relatively round and is complemented with small, thick gray eyebrows and pale blue eyes.

Mu wears a hot-pink-and-white short-sleeved crop top with a matching pair of wide boots and bracelets. She also sports jean shorts, a collar holding a valve/ tube from a tube amp around her neck and two circular speakers attached to a belt around her waist.

As a Player, Mu's back holds an input jack.


A mysterious girl who has lost her memory. There is a hole (input jack) on the back of her waist to connect to the AMP (amplifier), which makes her a Player, but it is a mystery on how she lost memories. She has a bullish personality and has an unusual "tube". She travels with Echo Rec in a journey seeking her memories.


Jimi Stonefree


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