Nir (ニル, Niru) is a Player and former student of Freak Scene Academy. She pilots the Equipment Melvin.


Nir has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She wears an oversized red sweater, red and white shoes, and white framed glasses. Her character art depicts her with a large red plaid flannel, a white shirt with blue accents saying "Polly," and white shoes.



Nir's parents had passed away when she was younger. A student of Freak Scene Academy, a school for Players, Nir was deeply lonely and chaotic and at some point met Hole, who used her and gave her Teen Spirit, a drug used by Players to relieve stress.

Meeting Echo Rec and Mu[]

In search of Jimmy Stonefree, Echo and Mu arrived at Freak Scene Academy.


Arriving in the country of Londinium, she brought Melvin to a repair shop Lyde and Ritchie worked at.


Echo: When she first saw echo, she followed him around claiming that she wanted to be friends. She showed him her favorite spot in the school and, in return, Echo showed his magnum opus - the ac30 amp. She soon betrayed him and caused a terrorist attack on the school with his amp. When Echo falls into danger due to her fight with Mu, she saves him because "why not". Normal people would not consider this relationship "tomodachi" but rather "terrorist sleeper cell"


  • Her namesake is the American rock band Nirvana and her design is specifically inspired by frontman Kurt Cobain.
  • Her shirt in her character art is a reference to the Nirvana song "Polly."